Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome to my Sketch Blog!

I'll be updating this as often as, well, I sketch and scan stuff in! I have certain goals Id like to meet with sketches -

I would love to do a full page of random animals each day - The Animals of the Day! I use photo reference for these and just quickly rough in details like pose, general shape, and patterns.

I have a long list of great painting ideas - and Ill be working through them here! I will post from thumbnails, sketches that are rough, sketches that are finished - and the final painting too!

I hope you enjoy your journey with me and watch me grow better and better - I hope! <3

I was being silly - cant draw something scary can I? OH YEAH! This is a Chibi Mindflayer (From Dungeons and Dragons) and its, well, mindflaying a poor little unicorn. This is, afterall, why I hate Mindflayers. You wont see much of this kinda thing from me - but I CAN do it. So there. =p

Day one of the Animals of the Day! As you can see theres a Deer Head, Zebra, Elephant, Squirrel, Barn Owl, Kodiak Bear and lovely Lioness. =3

Day Two of the Animals of the Day! A Black Lab, LadyBug, Bird I dont know, Peacock, Butterfly, Swan, Ferret, Another Bird I didnt know, Hummingbird, Lovely Horse, and a Sleepy Lion!

Rough Sketch for my upcoming Painting, another in the Bast Priest/ess series - and this time she will be a glowly white Kitty!

Ah, another deer. A White Faun at that! Yes, Im obsessed with White Stags..... You'll see why soon! <3

Hopefully I will see you tomorrow, or the day after that! ^_^

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Carapace said...

I like your duck!

I hope you take this in the spirit in which it's intended-- your stuff sort of reminds me of the Serendipity book. I LOVED those books when I was a kid, even while I was aware they were too "girly" for me-- the art was so pretty and pettable! Your creatures have some of that same big eyed pettableness.