Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Robokitty and Animal Sketches of the Day =3

Robo Kitty promises to not claw the drapes, mark the furniture, eat your leftovers or make you sneeze! He can also wirelessly sync to your favorite MP3 player and play your tunes.

Beware, he can not dance well and will try anyway!


Day Three of Animal Sketches of the day =3

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome to my Sketch Blog!

I'll be updating this as often as, well, I sketch and scan stuff in! I have certain goals Id like to meet with sketches -

I would love to do a full page of random animals each day - The Animals of the Day! I use photo reference for these and just quickly rough in details like pose, general shape, and patterns.

I have a long list of great painting ideas - and Ill be working through them here! I will post from thumbnails, sketches that are rough, sketches that are finished - and the final painting too!

I hope you enjoy your journey with me and watch me grow better and better - I hope! <3

I was being silly - cant draw something scary can I? OH YEAH! This is a Chibi Mindflayer (From Dungeons and Dragons) and its, well, mindflaying a poor little unicorn. This is, afterall, why I hate Mindflayers. You wont see much of this kinda thing from me - but I CAN do it. So there. =p

Day one of the Animals of the Day! As you can see theres a Deer Head, Zebra, Elephant, Squirrel, Barn Owl, Kodiak Bear and lovely Lioness. =3

Day Two of the Animals of the Day! A Black Lab, LadyBug, Bird I dont know, Peacock, Butterfly, Swan, Ferret, Another Bird I didnt know, Hummingbird, Lovely Horse, and a Sleepy Lion!

Rough Sketch for my upcoming Painting, another in the Bast Priest/ess series - and this time she will be a glowly white Kitty!

Ah, another deer. A White Faun at that! Yes, Im obsessed with White Stags..... You'll see why soon! <3

Hopefully I will see you tomorrow, or the day after that! ^_^

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Countdown to Akon 3 Weeks Left! <3

Yet another Busy week as we head towards A-Kon!

Ive had to narrow down my output again, I didnt expect how long stuff will take but thats ok! I hope by midweek Ill have painted:

1) Kerani the Otter Friend
2) Magical Phoenix Egg
:3) Penguin Critter
4) Polar Bear Critter
5) Sea Turtle Critter


1) Dragon Day (Renamed Bookwyrm!)

These will be made into: 5x7s, Badges, 1" Buttons, Stationary, Stickers, Magnets, Cameos, and bookmarks!

*Passes out*

Ill have them all printed up by Thursday night, and hopefully the new sketches for this work week that I had hoped to have painted but they'll have to be painted next week while I draw that weeks and then turn around and paint that stuff! Wheeeeeee! :boing:

Thursday night we run to Houston again to finish my Display / hang out / and make lots of products!

Then come back and finish the last bits of artworks and turn around and make a lot more product -- but I have the whole week-before-Akon set aside just to make product! ^_^

Im only about a day or so behind at this point, so just a few good days and Im caught up! <3

Artworks to be Sketched this week:

Button Designs (Maybe, these arent cooperating )


1) Hummingbird Fairy
2) Moon Kitty Fairy
3) Totem Animal
4) Critter Kraken
5) Critter Raven


The Marauders Repaint! <3

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Works in Progress Sketches for 5/6/08

Kerani the Otter Friend - 5x7

Magical Phoenix Egg - 5x7

The Storyteller - 11x14

The Book Wyrm - 8x10
Hello there! Im Gwynn, or you can call me Starrydance - Im a fantasy artist whos working frantically for my first big convention of the year - Project Akon in Dallas Texas! <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
"Moon Kitty" - 5x7
Dryad - Daily Sketch